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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  September 18, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and lose it. you didn' t lose it. you saved it for later. brookside. talk about delicious. >> juliet: good morning everyone it is 6:00 a.m. the warm weather continues today. what will next week look like? spee2 i think it will look pretty nice. a little cooler. >> juliet: that's look at mike's forecast coming up. >> ben: police are questioning a man for two murders and newtown.
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the crime scenes. >> juliet: a number have risen since mayor diblasio took office. the data show that there are nearly 4000 more homeless people staying in shelters than there were when mayor bloomberg was an opposite. >> ben: everyone is waiting for pope francis next week but it could also be a traffic nightmare. with all the events taking place friday will be interesting. maybe your best view is right here on fox five. >> juliet: i strongly suggest that. >> ben: the pope has six separate events on friday and they are scattered all over manhattan. from ground zero to east manhattan. >> juliet: eighty some blocks will be closed down. >> ben: good morning i am ben. >> juliet: i have a bet that i will not mock been throughout the show. >> ben: i think you failed
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miserably. you mock me 21 minutes in. >> mike: i think we need to make her happy with a happy treat. >> ben: how about 6:15 a.m. birthday treat. >> mike: we have a warm day coming up. high temperatures made it up to 89 degrees yesterday. seventy-nine and mont to cello. all the temps were well above normal. today starting off the same. sixty-nine in central park, 65 in newark, here is what is happening with the air quality. taking a hit over new jersey. the air-quality alert is in effect today high quality of
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ozone. if you have breathing issues you don't want to be outside trying to get things done. we have partly cloudy skies. some rainmakers out there, there is one to the south of us. ringing in showers to coastal north and south carolina and parts of georgia. as we head to the northwest there's a cold front which has more potential for us bringing some sprinkles in the tri-state. unfortunately with the weather as it is everything is being blocked out. high pressure has been in control, sliding up sliding up shore and that is the only change, it's not enough to bring his rainfall yet. we might have a small chance on sunday. today 82 degrees at lunchtime
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eighty-three tomorrow. we'll keep some clouds around in some sprinkles. better chance of showers on tuesday next week and then sunny skies again. let's bring in ines and see what's happening on the commute on the commute 280 eastbound is an accident blocking a lane. westchester earlier problems on the sawmill that is cleared away. let's go to our cameras and take a look at our commute. let's go to our cameras and take a look at our commute. the upper and lower level are doing fine.
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on are close to schedule. >> juliet: please are questioning a man in connection with two hotel murders we talked about that this week. spee2. >> ben: they been searching for 36-year-old joseph. they are interviewing him. he's being questioned about july 23 murder of a woman at the bushwick hotel in brooklyn, and, midtown. he was seen arriving with these women and was seen leaving these hotels on surveillance video alone. his bigger prints were found at one sitting. they're investigating whether he raped two other women. >> juliet: a very long rap sheet for him. new data shows homeless population has risen since mayor diblasio has come to office. 57206 people are being housed in shelters this week. a spike of 4000 people from mayor bloomberg's final month and office. what's more, police and people
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are staying in shelters longer. the average is 534 days compared to the previous average of 515 days. families are staying at shelters longer even after one family member has gotten a job. >> ben: less than a week from now pope francis will be arriving. people are finalizing their >> juliet: were at the st. patrick's cathedral. >> reporter: i think we call this crunch time, right. right. that's how we should address this. it's crunch time for a run to make the last-minute preps. he begins his nine-day tour to the side of the world, tomorrow. eventually he will make his way to new york city and visit sake path tricks cathedral.
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preparations to be completed. we caught up with some of the people who are putting us touches in place. >> it's really exciting because not a lot of people get this opportunity to see the pope. >> reporter: from harlem to westchester, everyone is gearing up for the arrival of the pope. >> i will come to the city. >> reporter: one week from today his holiness will visit our lady, queen queen of angels in harlem. the students are putting finishing touches on the science projects the pope will see. they are excited to see it speak to him. what are you going to tell him. >> to pray for my mom. >> reporter: why? >> so my mom can have enough money to pay for our apartment. >> reporter: they have built the pulpit that will be seen in the mass. they are finally done.
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>> i'm proud it looks better than we expected it to be. i'm still in shock that i made it. >> reporter: while the pope will get from one place to the next with these, you will not. warning signs are up in new jersey and in the city where there will be multiple street closers. let's just say you will need the patience of a saint. >> whether we have a choice is how it is. >> reporter: you want to come to church? there is a beautiful one behind me here. if you remember two words the next week perhaps they should be, mass transit. that is your best chance of getting around with any sort of ease.
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>> juliet: thank you very much. we all know it will be chaotic here. give yourself time and plan your trips. donald trump is facing a criticism. this time for something he did not say. >> ben: he was at a meeting yesterday in new hampshire when someone asked him a question about saying president obama is a muslim. trump did not cracked him. >> a recent poll found 29% of americans and 43% of republicans 3% of republicans still believe the president is muslim. the president has said repeatedly he is a practicing christian. when given the opportunity to correct the record, trump did not. did not. >> i want to take questions. >> reporter: when donald trump asked for questions that's when things got interesting. in the past he faced criticism for what he did say. >> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists and some i assume are
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good people. >> reporter: in this case it's what he did say. >> we have a problem in this country, it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you you know he's not even an american. but anyway, we have training camps rolling, that's my question, likely get rid of them. >> we will look at different things and a lot of people are saying that and bad things are happening out there. we'll look at that and plenty of other things. >> reporter: trump never told the man that in fact the president is not muslim or american. >> donald trump not addressing these issues is just plain wrong.
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president obama released his birth certificate. oh and 2008 a woman christian john mccain, listen to how canes response differed. >> i can't trust obama, i have read about him and he is an arab. >> no man. he is a decent, family man, citizen citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with. >> reporter: back to that tropics change. trump's campaign manager later say trump didn't say the man save the president was muslim. he also criticized obama for waging a war christianity. trump has faced a lot of criticism for what he has said in the past but there have been no consequences in the polls.
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he still leads although it is lead is narrowing. >> juliet: still early in the race though. >> ben: it is. more to come on this friday morning. >> juliet: still early in the race though. >> ben: it is. more to come on this friday morning. >> juliet: still early in the race though. >> ben: it is. more to come on this friday morning. we will start making some changes here if you like the warm weather get out and enjoy. 69 degrees is your startup temp this morning. average temps is 74 but we are going well into the 80s and maybe some '9 . you can download your weather app for free on the google
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not been able to find him. >> all banged up right. >> ben: they are looking for him. call please. limousine is being scrutinized. they're investigated the accident that killed four women who were riding and stretch limo that was matched by a pickup truck on the north fork.
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stretch limos are lacking basic seek safety. he adds future investigation could help gather data for addressing safety issues. they can be so comfortable but no one ever really puts on a seatbelt.
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>> ben: 6:24 am. on help. on help watch the blasi says 95% have a grades from the health department. he is missing a
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couple. the health the health department says more than 4100 have grade pending in their windows and that was not included in the report. i think the grade pending means a restaurant means they got possibly a b or c america challenging that result. >> juliet: that's my understanding. a new study is questioning the use of paxil by teens. research shows that that antidepressant was safe for teenagers. a university found the opposite of that. it could could make some teens suicidal as earlier ports one suggested. it was behind questionable trials so it could be checked by others. >> ben: billboards go gold for pediatric cancer in times
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families were joined by elected officials yesterday to provide a generous donation to the cancer center, representatives from the hospital accepted the check which will go towards funding the pediatric department. >> today is a meaningful day. it brings a lot of emotion. knowing people care on this level. >> it means we came so far in pediatric cancer. >> ben: nearly 15000 children year. >> juliet: we have more stories for you and we will bring you the top once when we come back.
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>> juliet: the warm weather will continue this weekend, we hope. then cooler temperatures will move in next week. mike has folk forecast coming up. >> ben: please are looking for a gas station robber. he may be connected to at least 15 robberies across long island. >> juliet: the mother of the high school football player who is seen right here smashing a player in the head with the player's helmet. she is standing by her son. she says it was an accident. there also reports of possible racially sensitive words have been thrown about. spee2 it will be a great weekend for sports and the new york area. football is back in swing and a sub way series the yankees are in the
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>> ben: both need to take the series. >> juliet: very exciting. spee2. >> ben: it is friday morning september 18. 6:30 a.m. thank you for ending your week with us. we had a proposition that you have gone about two hours without mocking me. i think mike would agree that you lost about 20 minutes inches in the the spirit of pope francis visit, do you think juliet can go all through next week and if she does she will be absolved of any responsibility to buy me lunch. >> juliet: it has been a pleasant two hours, mark free. but i can't take it anymore.
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i am losing my mind. in the interest of making the show better, i hereby absolve myself of being mock free and will mock you the rest of the hour. >> mike: go ahead fire up, give it to him. we have a sunny day here. the bustle polyp and no problems with the weather. temperatures around 69 degrees. it will be a beautiful, sunny day. we need the rainfall but it is not happening. 58 degrees is your temperature, pittsburgh to the west is a little cooler. high pressures and control and keeping our skies mainly clear.
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we will hit 86 degrees. maybe more humidity in the air but not a big deal. 8383 for you tomorrow, 77 degrees on sunday. let's bring in ines on the traffic. on the traffic. good morning mike there are problems in putnam county. watch out for accidents blocking your lane. >> no problems on 80 or 287. take a look at your westbound and eastbound. if you're heading towards the brooklyn bridge, thumbs up on that. usual stuff heading there. northbound northbound traffic is backed up to atlantic avenue. will save five minutes on top
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>> ben: she couldn't do it. >> she is your asking for too much. she's going to be gone a whole week. >> ben: thank you ines. >> juliet: let's move on to serious stories. there please are searching for a gas station robber wanted in connection with at least 15 robberies. >> ben: he struck most recently on wednesday nights in westberry. it was the ninth robbery in nassau county. he could be responsible for six more in sussex. the suspect has covered his gun and a cloth or t-shirts, he also also has an interesting t-shirt. please call crimestoppers if you have information. >> juliet: the shirt is unique too. meantime the mother of a football player has seen hitting the apartment with his helmet, the mother is coming to her
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the family says they were racist remarks made against the player who hits the other player. the bashing was not a form of retaliation. this is the play from last friday that got the child kicked off the football team is a suspended from school. the play resulted in a 15-yard penalty. >> he really is apologetic for this. he said it wasn't accident. his his hand got stuck in the helmet and i believe my child. >> a mistake yes this was a very serious incident. >> they think the whole situation is being blown out of proportion.
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please are still investigating. >> ben: there is a two-year-old boy and his mother was accidentally left it at the brooklyn playground by day care workers. they tweeted this picture of ethan when people found him alone in the playground yesterday afternoon. they brought him to the precinct, he was at of field trip with a dozen other children. some reports say a teacher miscounted the kids, how you do that with only a dozen kids, i don't know. they left ethan behind by accident. there is no facility. it's a. it's a good thing he's back with his mother. their plans to see pope francis next week. >> ben: in a week he will wake up on the upper eastside. we have more. >> reporter: you are going to be going nowhere fast if you're next week. it is about that time plans are being put into place.
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our neck of the woods. he will try to broker peace cuba. all the last minute reparations are being put into place. there is a lot to do. we will be closing streets, there there will be due to ours. the pope will have an all access pass. the rest of us will be a nightmare to get around. we asked to people how they'll be handling things. >> i won't come to the city next week. >> whether you have a choice you have to go to church. >> reporter: you should be thinking about how to use mass transit to your advantage.
6:30 am
accommodate the massive crowds. some people are saying they may try to work from home if their bosses allow. avoid the city if you can. especially the east side of manhattan, as we keep saying it is going to be tough so have a little bit of patience and remember the purpose of this trip. that is the latest. >> ben: you would help with circumstances there have been enough warning people will not try to drive into manhattan next friday. >> reporter: i just talked to a following it at all i don't even know when he is coming to town. >> juliet: we talk about it every day. thank you. it is 6:38 am, fox means business. the means business.
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what does america think of it? >> ben: joining us is lauren who is keeping an eye on the fallout >> reporter: the condom he stinks that's basically what it says in a nutshell. she said yesterday and this was a decision everyone was waiting for. it will have the same discussion in six weeks. she said the job market needs to get better, inflation needs to get higher. apparently were not paying enough are things we are shopping. until those happen in the global economy approves that the feds will not raise interest rates at home. why does it economy stink then? for some of those reasons but feds can't raise rates here for americans because they're afraid our economy can handle it.
6:32 am
the floor. there is a huge rally, the dow was up at 200 points points and then fell, close down 65. the good and bad news. interest rates stay the same. credit card balance you're not paying more interest. your mortgage is not going up a lot. the bad news is, is, you're saving money, interest checking accounts, cds are paying 1%. checking and savings account are not even paying half a percent. you're not making making any money when you have it stashed away. they wrote a message that set i am sorry to every young american out there who has no idea what the benefit of savings are. because we are in a low rate environment.
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>> ben: the good news is hopefully in six weeks you will be on maternity leave and won't have to talk about it. >> they said november, there could be a surprise hike and will open the papers one day and interest rates go up. now you have the christmas season on your hands. if you hike when people are supposed to be christmas shopping what are you doing to the economy? >> ben: thank you lauren. you can find fox business on finer. >> mike: good morning. 69 is your is your temp in central park.
6:34 am
ridge port is 64 degrees. clear skies around the tri-state region. there's an area of low pressure to the south. maybe a few clouds in the coastal areas. we are looking at mainly sunny skies, tgif lots of sunshine. looking good for saturday. sunday more clouds coming through temps cooler, high may be in the mid to upper 70s. today 86 , it degrees, it will be toasty for this time of year. let's bring in ines right now. >> good morning. something to watch out for the
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east by exit 11 for an accident. in new jersey 287, exit 37 there's an accident there. trains are great this morning no problems with long island railroad. >> ben: there'll be a big change for women wanting to serve combat in the military. >> juliet: will tell you abo selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy
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there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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>> ben: 6:46 a.m. fox 5 art questioning a please are questioning a man on two murders. on the death of a woman and jump by 23rd and on september 8. >> juliet: new data says population has risen by a bout 4000 homeless people. >> ben: the mother of a high spool high school football player says it was an accident and not a form of retaliation.
6:38 am
>> juliet: we are learning about a new proposal in the works to create zones and time squares, a bunch of different zones. the plan was created by a task force. force. it calls for the area between 42nd street to be redesignated as a public space known as time square commons. tip seekers will be designated zones, there will be exhibit zones and flow zones for pedestrian traffic. >> will have to give thought to that. will will it make it easier control? will it in fact work? >> juliet: the sexy zone should be the painted ladies. city leaders think that's a joke. city leaders think it could help regulate street performers will see what they stay about that.
6:39 am
>> ben: marine core officials asked that women not be included in frontline combat jobs. the other three branches are expected to allow women in combat roles. this as the chairman is becoming could this put him at odds with the other three branches? the ap says the defense corps plan. >> juliet: the air force is celebrating his 68th birthday today. pres. harry truman signed at the national security act. it was a bill that made the air force a separate ranch of the armed forces equal to the u.s. army and navy. they separated the program after world war ii after they realize the value of the power. an exciting night for us tonight.
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three-game series at citi field. >> ben: this is important because it has playoff locations for both teams. mets are in first place, gangs are trailing the blue jays by three and have games. they kind of need this more. the mets need just nine games to clinch first place. thanks in part to this three one-shot and the fifth. where did miami come from in all this? the mets are eight games ahead of washington, with 16 games left to play. >> juliet: toronto beat the braves last night. the jays want it 5 - zero scoremac. yankees yankees are now three and a half back. they lead the wild-card race by
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and finally this cam caught couples. >> ben: it doesn't catch the present or former president but that's what it was last night. jimmy carter planted a kiss kiss on his wife. the crowd gave him a applause after that smooch. the 90-year-old former former president, seems like he is in high spirits. we wish them both the best. they got married in the 40s. he's 90. >> juliet: and he's out there. >> ben: we wish them the best. back here for the weather.
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mock something. >> mike: we are in a moderate drought. we need need rain but it's not happening. nothing significant for a while. just over of two and half inches for this month. for this this year we have seen 29 inches of rain which is six 1/2 inches half inches behind for the year. a moderate drought here. we need the rainfall but it is not in the mix. we have warm, dry, sunny weather here. fifty-two in monticello. do points are higher out there. fifty-six in central park. forty-eight it's sx, looks good
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concerned, more sunshine. on sunday it will fall apart and that doesn't help us. 86 degrees today, 83 degrees tomorrow, more showers possible
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>> welcome back problems this morning in newburgh. expect delays 84 eastbound because of an accident. both direction delays. there's a tractor-trailer of fire. you have delays on the south those are numeral delays. trains are doing great this morning. the long island railroad are running on are close to schedule. >> ben: thank you ines. anna gilligan is here. >> anna: a very exciting guest star is coming to the hit
6:47 am
he will be playing reggae and, a gorgeous pharmaceutical sales representative who is coming to town on business. she is renting out the room while she is being sequestered on jury duty but really she's on maternity leave. she will be her fill in on the show. her first appearance is on the sixth episode which will premiere in january. >> juliet: megan fox and her together working on the same set. >> anna: now there may be crossovers when they come back. rhianna said she doesn't think she would ever join taylor swift on stage. don't get riled up about this. the reason she said it doesn't make sense. she said i don't pick our brands are the same, i don't think our audiences are the same. in my. in my mind she's a role model, i'm not. >> ben: that doesn't mean you can't collaborate on something
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because your audiences aren't the same. >> anna: way to read between the lines juliet. >> ben: that's it for us on the
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have a good one everybody.
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york. greg: it is friday, 10% happier. may be even more than 10%. 50, 60. rosanna: we are in for another warm day, beautiful, sunny, highs in the middle 80s, the weekend is looking good. greg: he did something controversial again but it happens everyday ben: seems to work for him. this time -- rosanna: what he didn't say. greg: causing the trouble. listen to this. >> there's a problem in this country called muslims. weiner our current president is one. you know he is not even an american.
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